Science Gateway Registration

Version 1 - 2022/09/26


The science gateway provider registers their gateway with ACCESS to provide publicly accessible and internally accessible information about the science gateway. This step also triggers the creation of community accounts on allocated resources.


  1. The science gateway provider must have completed “Science Gateway Resource Requests”


The science gateway provider must provide information in web forms (see description) that should take approximately an hour to complete.

The task is completed when the gateway information is published to the ACCESS web site and when community accounts are created on allocated resources.

ACCESS may periodically review registration information to confirm that it is correct. Gateway providers should promptly update their registration information.


Science gateway providers register their gateway with ACCESS, providing the following information:

  1. The gateway’s status, which can be “in production” and ready to accept users, or “in development”.

  2. The URL for the science gateway (displayed by ACCESS if the gateway is also in production).

  3. The fields of science supported by the science gateway (displayed by ACCESS if the gateway is in production).

  4. A short description of the gateway that can be displayed by ACCESS if the gateway is in production and which can help potential users find the gateway.

  5. Contact information for the gateway provider and operators, which can be used by ACCESS and resource providers to contact the gateway operators in case of technical problems, cybersecurity issues, improper use of systems, etc.

  6. A short name for the science gateway that complies with UNIX account name requirements, which may be used as community account names by Resource Providers.

Allocations Required Data Fields

Assuming we’re going to target a “Discover ACCESS” project as the default.

Required Fields

  • Project Title

  • Abstract (overview)

  • Keywords (note: this could just be entered as “gateway”, so not really needed on the registration form)

  • Primary Field of Science

  • Personnel (at least a PI). A technical or alternate contact would be useful.

    • These individuals would need to have ACCESS IDs.

  • Supporting Grant (if one exists)

    • Funding agency

    • Grant title

    • PI Name

    • Start/end dates

    • Grant number

    • Field of Science (probably same as Primary FOS above)

    • Awarded Amount

    • Program Officer name & email

  • Officially, Discover ACCESS requires a 1-page “proposal”, but we could probably just allow them to attach a PDF of their gateway registration.

  • Resources needed

    • They’ll get ACCESS Credits first, but —if they know—it would be useful to capture what resources they intend to use, and we can make the first credit Exchange for them. We may need to define a default “gateway package” or amount to start with. If they don’t know the resources they intend to use, that step can be deferred until they do know.