ACCESS DNS Records v1

Infrastructure Integration Roadmap Task

Task Type(s): Technology
Start by phase: Integration
Complete by phase: Ongoing
RP role(s): Network, storage, and system administrators


ACCESS Operations manages the DNS domain and sub-domains. ACCESS projects, integrated resources, and central service may request DNS entries and DNS subdomains for their ACCESS integrated infrastructure.

Prerequisite tasks


Support Information

For assistance with this task see the Support Information section in the Integration Roadmap Description.

Detailed Instructions

ACCESS projects, integrated resources, and central service operators may request DNS entries or DNS subdomains by submitting a ticket using a Subject that starts with “ACCESS DNS entries for …” using the Support Portal ticket form. On the ticket form please select “Not related to a resource” (since your request is to ACCESS Operations and not to a resource operator), select “No” for allocations related, and the “Operations Services” category.