ACCESS Allocated Resource Integration Coordination v1

Infrastructure Integration Roadmap Task

Task Type(s): Coordination
Start by phase: Planning
Complete by phase: ongoing
RP role(s): PI and co-PI(s), Resource integration coordinator(s)


A resource provider wishing to integrate an ACCESS allocated compute, storage, or cloud resource contacts ACCESS to start the integration process, provides basic resource information, and identifies resource provider staff contacts that will be involved in coordination, technical integration, and ongoing support activities.

Support Information

For assistance with this task see the Support Information section in the Integration Roadmap Description.

Prerequisite tasks


Operator Instructions

Integration Launch

The integration engagement and process begins when the resource PI/co-PIs and an RP designated Resource Integration Coordinator communicates with ACCESS Operations, identifying themselves and their PI, co-PI, and coordinator roles, provides their institution name, the name and type of the resource they plan to integrate, and which ACCESS integration roadmap they plan to follow (if known). The RP may communicate this information by submitting an ACCESS ticket using the Integration and Operations Requests, or by contacting the ACCESS Resource Provider Coordinator directly.

In response, ACCESS will identify an Integration Concierge, and if needed schedule a call between the Resource Integration Coordinator, anyone else the RP wishes to invite, the ACCESS Integration Concierge, and the ACCESS Resource Provider Coordinator. The purpose of the meeting is to introduce RP and ACCESS staff to each other, to discuss the integration process and timeline, and to introduce integration roadmap documentation. A call may not be necessary if the RP is already familiar with the ACCESS integration process.

The Integration Concierge acts as the resource or service operator’s primary point of contact for all questions and issues in selecting and completing the integration roadmap.

The Resource Integration Coordinator is responsible for coordinating all RP activities, for identifying and maintaining the list of RP contacts involved in different aspects of coordination, integration, and resource support (see the next section), for communicating relevant ACCESS integration information and Roadmap based resource integration document to RP staff, and for managing RP staff access to ACCESS services.

Identity Resource Provider Contacts

Soon after the Integration Launch the Resource Integration Coordinator must provide each of the following RP contacts:

  1. Public relations and media contact(s)

  2. RP Forum participant(s)

  3. Allocations process contact(s)

  4. AMIE technical contact(s)

  5. Documentation and knowledge base contact(s)

  6. Researcher support contact(s)

  7. System administrator(s)

  8. Cybersecurity and incident response contact(s)

  9. Data and networking contact(s)

  10. Resource news and outages publisher(s)

  11. Metrics and performance data contact(s)

If the RP doesn’t know who some of these contacts will be, or wishes not to identify them until relevant integration effort ramps up, please name the Integration Coordinator as the placeholder for those roles. In other words, ACCESS needs each someone to be the contact in each of the above areas, even if it’s the coordinator who will eventually hand off effort to someone else. As integration activities ramps up the Integration Coordinator can add other RP staff replacing themselves as necessary.

The Integration Coordinator should enter and update their RP contacts in the resource specific tab here:

The Integration Coordinator is responsible for maintaining accurate contact information in this spreadsheet and updating when RP staff changes. We recommend that the Integration Coordinator review and correct their contacts every 6 months. This sub-task should take ~1 hour to complete initially, and ~½ hour annually to keep up-to-date.

ACCESS Integration Roadmaps task lists which RP staff contacts normally perform that task.