Publish Dynamic Resource Information v2

Infrastructure Integration Roadmap Task

Task Type(s): Technology
Start by phase: Integration
Complete by phase: Ongoing
RP role(s): System administrator(s)


This task involves installing and running the Information Publishing Framework (IPF) tool on ACCESS allocated compute resources in order to publish batch resource, queue, and job information, software module information, and (optionally) job events to the ACCESS information sharing platform. The ACCESS information sharing platform provides information to ACCESS portals, SGCI resource schema compatible science gateways, and other service developers.

Prerequisite tasks

  1. Infrastructure Description v2

Support Information

For assistance with this task see the Support Information section in the Integration Roadmap Description.

Detailed Instructions

Install, configure, and run IPF per these instructions:

Document Management

Status: Official

Official date: 4/24/2023

Coordinators: Eric Blau & JP Navarro, ACCESS Operations

Last revised date: 7/3/2023

Retired date: