Request RP or Site Staff Allocation v1

Infrastructure Integration Roadmap Task

Task Type(s): Coordination
Start by phase: Any
Complete by phase: Operations
RP role(s): PI and co-PI(s), Resource integration coordinator(s)


RPs may request a site/staff allocation via ACCESS, to use for supporting and testing the ACCESS allocation workflow.

Prerequisite tasks


Support Information

For assistance with this task see the Support Information section in the Integration Roadmap Description.

Detailed Instructions

To request a site/staff allocation for your site, follow the standard allocations request process (see below), noting in the “public overview” section of your submission that this is for a site/staff allocation.

  1. You will want to start on the ACCESS Allocation website.

  2. Before submitting a request, you will want to start with the overview of the different ACCESS opportunities.

  3. Look across the menu bar in the middle of the page. Click on “Prepare requests”

  4. Within “Prepare requests,” click on “Overview.”

  5. Here you can look at all the different ACCESS opportunities and see which opportunity you would like to submit into.


  7. The information on this page will let you know about the credit limits and any additional information about things needed in the submission.

  8. Now that you have decided which opportunity to submit into, you can now work on your submission.

  9. Look across the menu bar in the middle of the page. Click on “Manage allocations”

  10. Within “Manage allocations,” click on “Submit a Request.”

  11. You are now at the Available Opportunities Page.

  12. Look for the Opportunity (Explore, Discover, Accelerate, Maximize) you would like to submit into.

  13. Once you see that Opportunity, click on the button that says “SUBMIT AN (Opportunity) ACCESS REQUEST”